Donnie Mays

Donnie Mays

Ask the folks who know him, and they’ll tell you that Donnie Mays is an expert in clocks. Ask Donnie, though, and you’ll get a glimpse of his characteristic modesty:

“I don’t like being called an expert. I know something about clocks… I don’t put any out that don’t run but I can usually get them to run. Clocks would be a specialty. Rather than be an expert on any one thing, I know a little bit about a lot of things.”

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Paul Mott

Owner of Ruckersville Gallery, Paul Mott has 6 of 50 items featured as most significant in history of the University of Virginia, in a recent article in the U.Va. Magazine.

A long-time collector, one of Paul’s specialties is U.Va. and local Virginia ephemera. In fact, “His assortment of U.Va. items is considered by some collectors to be perhaps the finest that exists outside the University.”

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Will Paulsen

Will Paulsen

I have been an independent appraiser since 1980, providing full-time, full-service appraisals to private, public, and corporate clients nationwide. I also have been providing consultation services to private retail galleries, auctions, dealers, and consignment businesses, as well as curatorial services to private and public museums. I have additionally acted as a commissioned agent for private and corporate clients, including movie stars, elected congressmen and appointed White House cabinet officers, and nationally ranked Fortune 500 corporate leaders. At the local level, I have taught courses that I designed through community education programs on Finding American Antiques, and I have also designed classes that I have taught at the University of Virginia on Southern Material Culture, Construction Techniques of the First Five Periods of American Furniture, Finding Treasures at Auctions, Living with Antiques and Art, and Collecting American Art. In 2014, I was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to a five year term on the Citizen’s Advisory Council on Furnishing and Interpreting the Executive Mansion in Richmond, Virginia. I am completing the first ever documenting and appraisal of all the furniture and furnishings at the Mansion.

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John Hayes

It all started innocently enough. John Hayes grew up in Michigan and moved to Virginia in the early 80s, marrying his wife, Jan. In 2009, he retired early with the plan to do a little woodworking and play golf four or five times per week.

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Joan Corman / Carol Jordan

Booth 32 – Books, Books and More Books!  1000’s of Better Used and Collectible Books and Ephemera.  We also carry Fabulous Sterling and Vintage Costume Jewelry.  Come take a LOOK!!

Peyton White

Booth 41 – Fine Furniture, Clocks – Decorative Objects and More!

Charlie and Patricia Taylor

Booth 44 – Nice Variety of Vintage Collectibles.

Eric Kolb

Eric has been in the business of Buying and Selling Excellent Antiques and Vintage Collectibles for over 30 years.  He has Great Selection of Fine Furniture and Furnishings as well as Books, Comics, Framed Art, Art Glass and Pottery and Much More!

Sandra Swinger

Sandra Swinger

Sandra’s focus is on vintage jewelry, Limoge, cut crystal,vintage jewelry unusual pictures, and vintage linens, but she also carries sterling silver, silverplate, pressed glass, jade, oriental items, mirrors, pictures, and “too many ‘uniques’ to mention.”

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Pat Keats

Booth 1 – Glassware, Fiesta Ware and Pottery

Kathy Seal

Booth #2 – Collectible Jewelry and Accessories.

Victor Banton

Booth 6, Nice Selection of Glassware, Furniture and Collectibles.

Ann Martin

Booth 7,  Nice Selection Sterling, Costume Jewelry,  and Accessories.

Patricia Herring

Booth 9, Linens and Lace – Great Glassware and Collectibles.

Stephen Harmison

Booth 11, ‘Bath Keeper’s Cottage Antiques’…Mr. Harmison has been in business 12 years and offers a great selection of primitives, quilts and uniques!’

Stephanie Shifflett

Booth 13,  Oak Furniture, Jewelry and Militaria and More!

Dabney Hibbert

Booth 16,  Nice Selection of Glassware and Collectibles.

Dale Pointer

Booth 17,  Coins, Sterling and Jewelry!

Robert Harris

Booth 26 – Antiques, Art and Uniques!

Diane Mustra

Booth 30 – “Your Home Decor and Interior Design Shop”!

Roger Oakes

Booth 31 – Excellent Selection of Sterling – Flatware, Jewelry and More!

Shelly R. Dawson

Booth 36,  Assortment of Interesting Jewelry, Antiques and Collectibles.

Jon Guillot

Booth 37 – Fine Selection of Books and Art!

William Robbins

Booth 38 – Wide Variety of Unusual Antiques and Collectibles including Art – Mechanical Items and Glassware/Pottery.

Karen F. Smith / Emily Ryan

Booth 40 – Fine Furniture, Framed Art and More!

Nora P. Smith

Booth 48 – Wide Variety of Collectibles and Jewelry.

Theresa Woods

Booth 50 – Large Selection of Unusual Collectibles and Antiques.

Lisa O’Connor

Booth 54 – Nice Selection of Furniture and Collectibles.

John Browning Edwards

Booth 55 – Cement Statuary – Antique Pewter and Furniture.

Joyce Almquist

Booth 56 – Vintage Collectibles and Decorative Objects.

Norma Jean Early

Booth 75 – ‘Georgie Mae’, Great Selection of Furniture, Furnishings, Framed Art, Jewelry and More!

Joan LeGallo

Booth 77 – Nice Selection of Vintage Collectibles.

Teresa Pace

Booth 81 – Beautiful Items!  Vintage Collectibles and Antiques.

Beverly Smith

Booth 82 – Vintage and Antique Collectibles!

Roger and Margaret Rydin

Booth 84 – Framed Art, Glassware and Collectibles.

Jenny Simmons

Booth 105, Nice Selection of Furniture, Glassware, Framed Art and More!

Lou Justis / Pat Powell

Booth 3 and 118 – Wonderful Selection of Asian Antiques, Vintage Collectibles, Furniture and Furnishings!

Ponch McPhee

Booth 137 – Nice Selection of Paper Collectibles/Ephemera.

Booth 117, Jon and Ellen Briones.

Upcycle Boutique of Virginia, Well Ordered Living – brings a Very Nice Selection of Jewelry for Your Consideration!

Jim Matthews

Booth 188 – Coins, Coins and More Coins!

Susan Collins

Booth 199 – Nice Selection of Uniques and Collectables.

Ande Niedermayer

Booth 210  –  Furniture and Furnishings – Collectibles and Antiques!

Hazel Livesay

Booth 278 – Framed Art – Vintage Furnishings and More!

Janet Holt

Booth 313 – Vintage Collectibles, Uniques and More~

Margaret Robinson

Booth 362  –  Framed Art – Pottery – Books and Vintage Collectibles.

Linda Ledbetter

Vintage/Antique Furniture, Framed Art and Glassware.

Jim Nejfelt

Wonderful Selection of Framed Art, Glassware, Furniture and Furnishings.

Cheryl Cashwell

Booth 408 ~ Framed Art, HUGE Copper Bowl and More!

David and Homa McInturff

Booth 420 – Wide Range of High Quality Glass and Pottery.

Sandra Collins and Anne Gibson Mark

Booth 416

Selling Accent and Architectural Décor: Sandy and Anne have come together from different backgrounds to create a sense of design for every environment with furniture, paintings and accessories and collectibles. Sandy started with interior design and moved into real estate. Anne has been an architect
for over thirty years and runs her architectural firm of Johnson, Craven & Gibson in Charlottesville.  These experiences have led them to understand the need for thoughtful design both inside and out.  Sandy also specializes in jewelry making (Scarlett’s Attic) and rehabbing light fixtures. Together they try to show some of the basics of symmetry and a-symmetry, lighting, color and accents. They are happy to put together that special gift for someone or to design your space and décor or just to talk through your ideas!