A Fabulous #4 Fashion Clock, an Original Douglas Cave and an Old Store Scale!

The Ruckersville Gallery and Strasburg Emporium continue to be open for business! With the economy starting to open back up many of our dealers are offering great sales.
Per the Governor’s updated COVID-19 Executive Order we ask that you wear face coverings if you are able.  Our large square footage at each store gives Customers ample open space in which to leisurely shop our extensive inventory while escaping the summer heat.  We can allow up to 150 customers at a time into each of our two locations. Come take a LOOK!

Fashion Clock #4 (Four Different Functions), Circa 1880, Very Collectible!! Excellent Condition, “Runs like it is supposed to”!!! 8 Day and Bell Strike, with Secret Compartment – Booth 33ha, $2000.00 – now 15% Off.

Old Country Store Scales – Booth 33ha, $90.00, Now 15% Off!

Douglas Cave Original Acrylic on Canvas, Gilt Frame – 18″ x 24″, Booth 33ha – $460.00, Now 15% Off!

Superior Toy Record Player w Picture Records – Booth 369, $125.00.

“Make America Strong” Milk Bottle with Cap – Booth 369, $45.00.

Amber Cut to Clear 12″ Floral Cameo Glass Vase, Booth 420 – $118.00.

Vaseline Opel Pitcher, Booth 420, $75.00.

Booth 314 has Several Filing Cabinets in a Variety of Sizes – This One Drawer Cabinet has a Removable Top. Oak, $175.00.

Thanks for Visiting!

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