FREE Appraisal Day Coming Up! THIS Saturday, February 23, 11 – 2 pm – Come take a LOOK!

Bring Your Favorite Collectible or Antique to the Gallery for a Completely FREE Appraisal. You may Bring up to Three Items!  Charlie Taylor and Will Paulsen are the Appraisers, Refreshments Served.

  Please Scroll Down for Prices and Descriptions of a Few of Our Favorite Things!

From Booth 2, an Antique Working Thermometer with Cherub Detail – $185.00, Booth 2.
Cast Iron Horse Drawn Fire Engine – $65.00, Booth 33ha.
Antique Chinese Champleve Censer, $165.00 – Booth 2.
Howes of Boston Cast Iron Figural George Washington Andirons, $135.00, Booth 314.
Corner Spool Shelf – 34.5 Inches Tall – $78.00, Booth 43.
Cloisonne Vase w Peonies. Nice – Booth 88 – $105.00
Gas Prices (Long ago when the earth was FLAT…) 1900’s Visible Gas Pump Price Chart in Metal and Glass Frame – $375.00, Booth 38.
Vintage Tall Wood Pedestal Plant Stand – $95.00, Booth 278.
10 Quart Copper Pot by V. Old & Son – Philadelphia – Handmade, Booth 99.
Depression Era Green Glass Blender w Metal Insert, $49.00, Booth 411.

Thanks for Visiting!
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