Old Edison Record Player (c1900 – 1915), a Fabulous Secretary and an Ethan Allen Cabinet!

The Ruckersville Gallery and Strasburg Emporium continue to be open for business! With the economy starting to open back up many of our dealers are offering great sales.
Per the Governor’s updated COVID-19 Executive Order we ask that you wear face coverings if you are able.  Our large square footage at each store gives Customers ample open space in which to leisurely shop our extensive inventory while escaping the summer heat.  We can allow up to 150 customers at a time into each of our two locations. Come take a LOOK!

Edison Ambeorla Cylinder Record Player, c1900 – 1915, $390.00 – Cylinder Records Available at $3.00 Each to Purchaser  of Player Only. Booth 33ha.

Pretty Wall Piece – Velvet with Arched Frame – Booth 8, $165.00.

Heavy Cut Crystal Sangria Pitcher – Booth 75, $89.00.

Scalloped Shell Bowl – Victorian, Booth 411 – $65.00.

Large Ceramic Lemonade Dispenser, $45.00 – Booth 317.

Handmade Rug – Booth 411, $149.00.

Shallow Oriental Bowl – $35.00, Booth 411.

Hand Painted Floral Lamp with Glass Shade – Booth 99, $60.00.

Fabulous Secretary with Great Detail/Key – Booth 40, $1850.00 – Now 30% Off!

Ethan Allen Roth Cabinet, $2500.00 – Now 30% Off!

Thanks for Visiting!


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