Sell or Consign with Eric Kolb at Ruckersville Gallery!

charlottesville consignmentRuckersville Gallery is the leader in consignment, downsizing, and estate sales in Central VA.

We had over 100 estates and individual consignments in 2013, and we help folks with a variety of needs, whether you have a single item or an entire household.

Eric Kolb, our Consignment Specialist and Buyer, has been in the business since 1978, and will be happy to either give you a good price on your item(s) or make sure you get the most out of consigning them.

Also, selling an entire household of items can be overwhelming or just plain too much time and effort for the average busy family whether it’s an estate, because you’re downsizing, or moving long-distance.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you take the hard work out of identifying, pricing, and selling your large quantity of items.

Unlike other estate sale services or consignment shops, Ruckersville Gallery provides these exclusive advantages:

  • A large number of customers coming to the Ruckersville Gallery 7 days a week, including regulars, dealers, and collectors

  • A dedicated Estate Sale & Consignment Gallery at the front of the store, with a separate entrance and sales counter so customers can see just what is part of the sale

  • Online and local advertising to build traffic for your sale

Other benefits include:

  • A professional staff and trucks to move your items at a reasonable cost

  • The ability to pick up entire households quickly

  • Flexibility – we can either buy the items outright or sell the items on consignment

  • A large network of people who can handle items that are not appropriate for an estate-type sale

Our separate gallery in the front of the building is where we set up a sale and then open up to the public when it is ready. Since prices change over time and new estates arrive frequently, customers come back often.

We market to our current customers through our email list, local newspapers, and on our website. And of course we are open 7 days a week and customers always want to see what is new in the Estate Sale and Consignment Gallery!

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