A Cherry Drop Leaf Table, Six Clore Chairs and a Magnastix Set!


Please Find Our Prices and Descriptions of the

Items in the Collage in the Photographs Below.

Note:  There are Several Sales of Interest Going on NOW!  (75% off Inventory, Booth 9, Booth 48 has a 50% Off Sale and Booth 411, 50% off Everything Except Gold and Silver.  There are at Least 20 Other Vendors Who are Holding Sales.  Come Take a LOOK!

Vintage Magnasticks Magnate Sset – (Very Cool!) Booth 123, $38.00.  

Hand Made Pine Stepback Cupboard, Was $465.00, Now $300.00. Nice Piece! Booth 33ha.  

Vintage Storage Container – Around 3 Feet Tall – Booth 123, $68.00.  

Henkle Harris Cherry Jefferson Drum Table – $899.00 – Booth 6.  

Hull Original Little Red Riding Hood 3 Poppy Cookie Jar – $349.99, Booth 6.  

Cherry Drop Leaf Table with Spiral Turned Legs – $450.00, Shown with Six Clore Chairs (Also Cherry), $1150.00. Booth 33ha.  

Coca Cola Cooler (Reproduction) – $250.00, Booth 117.  

Vintage Tonka Car Carrier with Two Cars, $159.00, Booth 213.  


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