Fine Dressing Mirror

Fine Dressing Mirror

This dressing mirror was made by Meier and Hagen Furniture Makers in New York City between 1858 and 1888. Ernest Hagen (1830-1913) opened a cabinetmaking shop after working for years with others. He had an old shop mate, J. Matthew Meier, join him. Together, they made Colonial Revival furniture by hand. This is one of their pieces. The following shows the paper label on the back interior wall, as follows:

Meier and Hagen Furniture Makers

Besides retaining the paper label, what is also very unique is that the underside of the middle drawer has a rather detailed penciled inscription identifying the cabinetmaker, location, and costs of construction, as follows:cabinet maker paper label

There is a virtually identical example in the permanent collection of the Museum of Newark, as follows:

Museum of Newark dressing mirror


This Meier and Hagen dressing mirror is priced at $1250.00.

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