Portrait Print of Thomas Jefferson as Author of Declaration of Independence

Will Paulsen

Kurz and Allison

Large period engravings of Thomas Jefferson are rarely seen in the general market, yet the market seems to have an endless array of small engravings, almost all of which were cannibalized from books. In over forty years of collecting I have only acquired five large engravings. Amongst my collecting colleagues, I am unaware of anyone with more.

This is published by Louis Kurz and Alexander Allison who joined together in 1880, forming a very successful printing company. Their company was first located at 267-269 Wabash Avenue in Chicago and later, apparently by 1889, at 76-78 Wabash. They grew very popular with their publishing of chromolithographs of the Civil War, showing all the great battles. In those scenes of war not a drop of blood was ever visible, making them very socially acceptable in American homes as being both patriotic and romanticized in point of view. For reasons unknown, their few portraits of American Presidents were always black and white lithographs. At this time not a single similar image of Jefferson is available by print dealers on any of the searched databases. The frame is real gold leaf.




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